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Muay Thai Bangkok

About Us

We bring together a seamless blend of weight training and Muay Thai training regime.


In a world where science meets combat, weight training has emerged as a game-changer for athletes worldwide. Our Muay Thai program stands at the forefront, leveraging these techniques to enhance every punch, every kick, and every clinch. Unleash your full potential with us and experience the evolution of Muay Thai.


Punch harder, kick more powerfully, and clinch with unshakable strength.

Muay Thai Program

Our Program

Professional Freestyle Bangkok
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Combining boxing and Muay Thai; going from basic to advanced depending on students' level of proficiency

Our Key Features

  1. Expert-led Padwork Sessions: Learn to strike with accuracy, power, and speed through dedicated padwork training under the guidance of experienced Kru Muay.                                                                            

  2. Dynamic Movement Training: Develop superior footwork, agility, and evasion skills to move with finesse in the ring.                                                              

  3. Ring-Worthy Techniques: Gain a competitive edge by mastering specialized techniques employed by professional fighters.                                                         

  4. Comprehensive Curriculum: Progress through a structured curriculum that caters to beginners as well as advanced practitioners.                                                                                        

  5. Integrated Weight Training: Experience personalized weight training routines that complement your Muay Thai training, honing specific muscle groups critical to your success.                                                                      

  6. Personalized Attention: Receive individualized feedback and corrections from our instructors to refine your technique and maximize your potential.

Our Team

Our Kru Muay are rigorously chosen. Each must pass WMC & IFMA Muay Thai as well as FTPX Instructor Program and have professional experiences.

Kru Beer

The Technician

- Certified Instructor | WMC & IFMA Muay Thai

- Specialise in advanced Muay Thai techniques

- Superb in designing personalised circuit training and bodyweight program for students

- Special Techniques: beautiful kicks and flying knee, which he used to win fights

Kru Beer | Fitness One

Our Package

Muay Thai Package

Get the best value and result from our Muay Thai Program Today.

* Free Body Scan 

** Access to Fitness Gym (terms and conditions apply)

Contact Us

5th Floor Rasa Two Building

1818 Petchaburi Road, Makkasan, Ratchathewi

Bangkok, Thailand

OPEN 06:00-23:00

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